Health & Beauty

Beautification & Style. The foundation of our business is Prime Label. We put the care in Personal Care for your product.

True beauty is on the inside, but when it comes to Health & Beauty label printing, the outside has to make all the difference.

  • Northern ensures you have brand consistency across all your Health & Beauty products, whether a PET Hand Soap bottle, PP Deodorant Stick, HDPE Shampoo Bottle, Aerosol Shave Foam Can or Tube Lotion Label.
  • We are the experts who will make sure you choose the correct substrate for the application. Whether you need a clear or white film, rigid or conformable, shrink sleeve or unsupported flexible film.
  • We have the correct printing technique for your label. From minimalistic text to stunning combinations of metallic, tactile, Silkscreened and specialty pantone effects – we got you covered
Nothing but quality printing - no surprises.

Investing in the best technology available, and combined with over 60 years of ownership experience – we are always willing to take on a new challenge.

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Eliminating defects

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Control and reduce costs

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Reduce cycle times

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Embrace new technology and innovations

Make your product stand out on the shelf.

About Northern

Experts in complex and unique label challenges.

We’re always up for a challenge!

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