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We can supply a wide variety of beverage label options for your application, such as Pressure-Sensitive Labels, Continuous-Web Wrap around Labels, Glue Applied Labels or Shrink Sleeves to ensure your beverage stands out on the shelf from the competition.

  • Pressure Sensitive: covers most beverage applications from glass, cans and plastic containers. For a premium no-label look you can consider clear film substrates with Silkscreen and foil embellishments. Aluminum can applications utilizing wrap around PS labels is a very cost effective option for small runs. Metallic & Vintage Wine & Spirits facestocks are also available as a premium offering for your beverage product.
  • Roll-Fed: Ideal for Water bottles & Soft Drinks. 360 degree coverage.
  • Shrink Sleeves: One of the fastest growing applications in beverages, a shrink sleeve is ideal for a full 360 degree coverage of an entire container. Perfect for beer & beverage cans, oddly shaped containers and where full graphics are desired to help your product stand out.
  • Cut & Stack: The conventional method for beer glass applications and water bottles.
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